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Chelsea Rodgers

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Virtual Meeting!

In leiu of a physical meeting to discuss future plans, events, and other issues, please use the form below to add your opinions and ideas. Please send in ideas on future workshops, competitions, exchanges, and other local and nationally recognized events. An outline with some ideas of what to submit is located in the "files" section of our yahoogroup.
I will take the information, sort it and place it in a file on the ok-lindy yahoo group. If you choose to remain annonymous or submit your idea only to organizers, and not the public, please state so in the subject line of the form.
To sign up to read these submissions, and to send and receive messages from OK-Lindy, please visit: and sign up!

Email Address

At OK-Lindy's Yahoo Group, there are lots of pictures, A new Poll will be added every couple of weeks, as well as choreography, music for choreography, links, more photos, and MORE!

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