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Chelsea Rodgers

Coupons and Specials
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Coupons and Specials

Please feel free to take advantage of the deals and discounts below.

Special deals and discounts!
Only one discount or coupon may apply at any time.

  1. Students w/ valid ID: 15% discount on individual lessons.
  2. If purchasing 3 or more lessons per month, a 15% discount will apply if lessons are paid for in advance.
  3. Purchase a set of 5 private lessons, and get a free half hour lesson
  4. Purchase a set of 10 private lessons, and get three free half lessons.

We will update these frequently so be sure to check back!

Lindy Hop * Balboa * West Coast Swing * East Coast Swing * Charleston * Carolina Shag * Collegiate Shag * Styling * Latin *