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DSGJ Meeting minutes
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Sunday, 10 July 2005
Minutes from July 3 meeting
Mood:  caffeinated
Dirty South Girl Jam Meeting 7/3/05

In attendance:
Hannah Angel
Tina Davis
Chelsea Slabotsky

** Opening Discussion revolved around date(s) of the DSGJ
o Hannah expressed concern for the September date, feeling it wouldn’t give us enough time to plan and promote the “badassness” of this event.
o Chelsea stated that while she felt those statements were well founded, she still wanted to have it after Showdown, but before ALHC, as that would be a selling point too, (those that didn’t get to travel to showdown could get that oldschool feeling, those going to ALHC could get prepared for competition.)
o Discussion slowly moved to financials, decision to move on to financials and come back to dates.

** Financials
o We discussed the different ways we could fund DSGJ. There were many options, though we kept coming back to working under another “parent” group.
o Decision made to incorporate and work w/ parent organization (ASS/DSDS etc)
o Decision made that parent organization will act as silent partner, helping with finances, and in return will receive publicity
o Decision made to contact the larg(er) TX/LA/OK groups to discuss cooperation.
? Oklahoma?
? Dallas – FWSDS/DSDS
? Houston – HSDS
? Austin – ASS, FOTF
? New Orleans?
o Cooperating groups will receive publicity and scholarships. (one for lesser involvement and two for greater involvement)

** Moving to Outline/By-Laws
o Decisions made to appoint President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.
? Tina states she is in charge of too many things at this time, and would like not to be nominated for President/Vice President.
? Hannah nominates Chelsea for President. Tina seconds. Chelsea Accepts.
? Chelsea nominates Hannah for Vice President. Tina seconds. Hannah accepts.
? Chelsea suggests Tina head all music. Hannah agrees. Tina accepts.
o Chelsea suggests that we should have a name to use when incorporating, and throws the idea of using DSGJ INC. as the official name. Vote 3 – 0. DSGJ INC. will be the name used officially.
? Using DSGJ INC., we could eventually do other workshops (ie. DSGJ the leads strike back, DSGJ the Clash, etc.)

** Conversation to move back to date.
o Tina suggests the weekend of October 1-2. (Sat. Sun.) After looking at all calendars, suggestion goes to vote, 3-0 in favor of Oct 1-2.
o Chelsea suggests adding the possibility of a dance on Friday, Sept. 30. All agree that that would be a good addition.

** Discussion moves to the “feel” of the weekend.
o Chelsea states that she wants DSGJ to be mostly lindy. Lindy “plus” not Lindy “and”, teaching mostly Lindy Hop, but adding other things that compliment our dance.
? Connection
? Basics
? Technique
? Jazz
? Spinning/Turning
? Swivels
o There shall be a small amount (15 %?) of “other stuff”. Things that will be incorporated for entertainment and warm-up exercises. (like Jeannie’s strip or hip-hop class, or a tap or other class)

** Discussion turned to that of instructors.
o Everyone had ideas, some were ready to call their favorites the next day, but Chelsea suggested we make a “long list” and a “short list”. The short list would be our “dream team” with the long list being all options.
o The following is the list that has been compiled since the beginning of DSGJ discussion.
? Lindy Greer (3 – 0)
? Laura Malloy (3 – 0)
? Emily Lim
? Chelsea Slabotsky
? Amanda (from Denton?)
? Kathy Warwick
? Evita Arce
? We decided to continue with other instructor names at a later date.

** Motion to adjourn. (Chelsea) Second (Hannah)

** Meeting adjourned.

** Note: we shall attempt future meetings on AOL if yahoogroups’ chat is no more reliable than it was during our first attempt.

Posted by Chelsea at 2:31 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 10 July 2005 2:35 PM CDT
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Saturday, 9 July 2005
DSGJ Email One
As you may or may not know, actions are being taken to begin planning our version of the CA Girl Jam (if you want to know more about that, visit Giselle's website ).

We're calling it "The Dirty South Girl Jam" (the Kansahomatexaouisiana girl jam was too long!)

As of right now, we're looking at:
Place: Austin, the Fed (Texas Federation of women's clubs)

When: Early/Mid September (Sept 16 - 18 is Showdown, which is such a huge event now, we should make sure it isn't that weekend..... Especially since it draws on the "Old school" vibe we're trying to have)

We've got a few ladies that have already agreed to teach (look at giselle's website to read some of their class descriptions) and will be looking for a few more. We want to keep it in the spirit of the jitterbug and in the spirit of old school, hardcore lindy!

Ideas are good, but right now we need more than that! We need help!!

We need to keep this under wraps for a little longer. (How long? I don't know...) There are a few ladies I didn't have email addresses for, but wanted to get this to, so if you could:
Hannah - please forward to Tina D. Jeannie, and Laura M.
Jenna - please forward to Alex, Janna, and (OOOH, I'm bad at names... the girl w/ the great vintage look, in the cute pic of you guys holding your skirts out, betty boop style?)

We need some ideas too...
? Who would you like to see teaching there? (maybe a local dancer w/that "special something" that hasn't gotten the op. to teach at a big event yet? A TX/OK/KS/LA dancer who is popular w/ their students? Maybe one "bigger name")
? What kinds of things would you like to see taught?
? Any other things that you can think of that would be great to have/do there.
? Any specific things you want to make sure ARE NOT There

I've set up an email group (some will cheer, some will boo... but it will help the cause) for this, and you guys should have received the invite to that by now. Then those named in the email as people to forward this to will get invites also, blah blah blah, you get the idea.
Go ahead and use the yahoo group ( )! It's here so we can keep track of things, and each other! I'm setting up a folder on the DSGJ yahoogroup website ( ) for stuff sent to me about this one and stuff regarding the CA jam. (it'll make more sense as we go along. I'm putting in it the class descriptions and the good/bad parts that a lead that was there took down and sent to me). Please bookmark the yahoogroup website, so that you can check the new info frequently.

Also, if you want to send something in to the folder, you can do that either via email or through my website, There's a virtual meeting link, go there and messages will be sent to me to put in the format I'll be using on the yahoogroup.

I'm really excited about this! If for some reason you can't or don't want to do this, then disregard the email!

Ok, that's all, go dance!

Posted by Chelsea at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 10 July 2005 2:42 PM CDT
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Good Bad and Ugly of CA Jam
Sent from a lead that was at the CAJAM:

hehe... the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the CA Girl Jam

The Good:
- well known instructors both locally and nationally, and attendees knew them. the instructors were pretty consistent with what they all felt were important too (i.e. triple steps, piking, staying on the ball of feet, etc.)
- classes were very specific on things that usually aren't explained thoroughly during usual workshops (i.e. how to spin, how to triple step, stylizing a follow's basic and sugar push, etc.)
- watching and breaking down the innovators through video. I think it gives the workshop more context and validation. plus, I think it kind of gave the girls a more visual goal.
- the 15 minutes of free dance between each class gave the girls time to practice or rest
- the inclusion of a couple moderate => very difficult line dance routines at the end of each day helped people chill out a bit, I think
- the dances at night held JnJ competitions and solo Charleston competitions, which I thought were cool because they also promote/inspire people to get better (note: 3/4ths of the Jam girls did NOT attend the dance... I think they were intimidated by the contests or were resting from the day)
- the instructors also had guys to use during demonstrations of exercises, but those particular guys (who were also very awesome dancers) never really talked, which I think was a good thing
- in general, the guys who volunteered were above average leads and could pull off anything the instructors needed. mainly all we did though was do swing outs, tuck turns, pass thrus, and sugar pushes so that girls could stylize and work off easy stuff.
- the pacing of the classes went really well and still allowed for questions to be asked. some girls who were more beginner were pulled aside by instructors who weren't teaching to catch them up on what they couldn't get or had missed.
- it was definitely good for the leads because it made us shut up and give the girls a chance to shine, which is actually very rare in LA since all the guys here like to and can show off.

The Bad:
- on the 2nd day, there were fewer guys who showed up to volunteer
- because the instructors knew each other very well, during the 15 min breaks, the instructors weren't as available because they were either resting or chatting. which really isn't all that bad...
- we started late a couple times which rushed some of the other classes
- one class had too much talking even though the one instructor was saying important things. she was losing people's attention.
- I think they should've done a few instructor demos with their usual lead to showcase some of their ideas a bit
- at least one of the instructors really didn't want to break a move down with a lead. while the workshop is for follows, I think if a lead suspects a problem is his own, then the issue should be resolved for him before pairing him back up with a follow who is already trying to learn something new

The Ugly:
- the guys... we weren't exactly lookers...

Posted by Chelsea at 12:01 AM CDT
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CA JAM descriptions
Saturday: 5 Classes
9:30-10:00: Registration and warm-up
10:00-11:00: Back to School/Fundamentals 101
11:15-12:15: Jazzin' Out your Lindy Hop
12:15-1:30: Lunch
1:30-2:30: That Special Ingredient
2:45-3:45: Ancient Savoy Secret
4:00-5:00: Sugar Foot Stomp
Sunday: 5 Classes
10:30-11:00: Registration and warm-up
11:00-12:00: Follows come first
12:15-1:15: Quick Steppin’
1:15-2:30: Lunch and Video Presentation
2:30-3:30: Flowin’ by Nature
3:45-4:45: Spinning, Dipping, & Twisting
5:00-6:00: Hot Pockets

Spinning, Dipping, & Twisting - Jojo
Tired of always being on the receiving end of a one-way conversation? This creativity class will show you how to be an active participant in every dance and open the doors to creative styling without hijacking the lead. Expand your following options with a number of unique movements. This class will focus on the technique and styling involved in follower-oriented moves. This is for dancers that are comfortable with basic fundamentals in Lindy Hop.

Sugarfoot Stomp - Tonya
This is a fun solo routine performed to the song “Sugarfoot Stomp”, by Fletcher Henderson. This routine has various solo jazz, Charleston, and cakewalk steps, and is a great way to expand your solo-dancing repertoire. All levels are welcome.

Quick Steppin’ - Ria
This fast Lindy technique class is for those that are comfortable with basic swing-out fundamentals. You might already know how to dance fast, but your technique could still use some work. Learn to keep up with the fastest tempos and look stylish doing it. Do it the DeBiase Way.

That Special Ingredient - Corina
Learn to make your swing outs look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There will be an emphasis on using lines, while still being able to style at will. Swing-outs may feel good to the other person, but it doesn’t mean they LOOK GOOD. Ladies want to be looking gooooooood. This class is for all levels.

Flowin' by Nature - Ria
Take your follow to the next level by modifying your favorite styling to flow within the framework of the lead. Learn to manipulate the connection to suggest your own movements and make the lead think it was his idea. ;)

Ancient Savoy Secrets - Giselle
This class is all bout your feet. Learn how to come up with creative syncopations within your basic, while keeping your follow intact. You will concentrate on complicated, but unique patterns and rhythms to match your partner, but still keep the basics flowing between moves. In this class you will learn some key secrets of the Lindy Trade.

Follows come first - Amy
This class will focus on awareness of your lead, while keeping your individuality intact. It will incorporate adjusting to different types of leads and reacting instead of anticipating to your partner. It's important to be a follow first and then add in your own flavor to the dance. This class is open to everyone.

Back to School/Fundamentals 101 - G & Jojo
Learn everything you need to know about Lindy Hop following technique. Work on some key elements in dancing that we take for granted! The simplest moves will be unraveled in order to change bad habits that interfere with our progression in dance. Don't be shy; this class is for beginners and advanced dancers alike.

Jazzin' Out your Lindy Hop - Tonya
Learn how to incorporate your solo jazz and Charleston steps into your Lindy hop. This will be a fun class that allows you to incorporate and/or transform the jazz steps you already know into unique Lindy hop styling steps and movements. This is a great way to expand your repertoire while making it unique and your own. This class is open for anyone who is comfortable with the Lindy basics.

Hot Pockets - Giselle & Jojo
You guessed it, this is the line dance created by and made just for girls! Forget "Sausages", it's our chance to shine! This is an intensive and challenging solo jazz movement class that integrates complicated syncopations and Charleston steps into a sequence of musical phrases. All levels are welcome to come learn this fun line dance.

Posted by Chelsea at 12:01 AM CDT
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